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Indiana Legal Information
Sponsored by the Indiana University School of Law, this is an excellant site for researching Indiana law.
Indiana Law Links
Sponsored by the Indiana University School of Law.
WWW Virtual Law Library
Maintained by the Indiana University School of Law.
Legal Information Institute
Ran by the Cornell Law School.
The University of Pittsburgh School of Law's resource site.
Access Indiana Information Network
The state government's gateway to the Web.
U.S. government search site congregating all major government sites.
Massive links, legal question FAQs, and a free BBS to answer legal questions.
THOMAS provides up to date information about legislation before the United States Congress.
A searchable index of government information.
The U.S. Code
A searchable U.S. Code posted by the Counsel of the House of Representatives. It is only up to date as of January 6, 1997 for all of it, and January 26, 1998 for Titles 1-26.
Code of Federal Regulations
Searchable index sponsored by House of Reprentatives. Parts are out of date; other parts are up to date as of November 1996.
Federal Register
From House of Representatives, updated from 1995 to present.
U.S. Court of Appeals Decisions, 7th Circuit
Posted by Hugh F. Macmillan Law Library, Emory University School of Law.
The last five years of federal and state case law for free along with other tools for small firms.
United Nations Treaty Collection Web Site
UN site for treaties.
The 'Lectric Law Library
Unique presentation of online info.
Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Sponsored by Harvard University, this center is engaged in research and in some innovative Internet-conducted teaching.
Cyberspace Law Institute
Intriguing law articles on current Internet legal issues.
Year Law Center
Links to articles about legal aspects of the Y2K problem.
Intellectual Property Owners
Updated daily, this site concerns private intellectual property rights, particularly patents. There is a focus on legislative news and case law developments.
The Archimedes Institute
A directory of space law resources on the Internet.
A site providing advice to the public.
Mass Links.
Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet
Posted by University of Chicago's Foreign and International Law Librarian.
Foreign and International Law Web
This is a varied international law site located at the University of Washington.
A database of resources for public international law and for European law sponsored by Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf.
A search engine for legal forms.
Electronic Journal of Comparative Law
A start-up electronic law journal.
World Trade Organization
An organization of ever increasing importance in our daily lives, whether you like it or not.
World Intellectual Property Organization
Focused on international cooperation in regulating patents, trademarks and copyrights.
Legal Net
A compilation of Indiana and Federal law sources.
Legal search engine.
The Electronic Legal Source
A limited amount of legal forms online.
A law enforcement-oriented site that contains many links to information sources useful to police and everyone else.
Petroleum Law
A journal sponsored by CEPMLP/Dundee.
Practising Law Institute
Contains several useful Internet related law articles.
Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center
A nice commercial site by a respectable publisher of legal self-help books.
Online directory of law firms.
The Business Law Site
The title is a little grandiose for the site, however, it does offer some useful focus on web-related law issues.
Securities Class Action Clearinghouse
A clearinghouse of information and of filings covering most securities class actions.
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Especially useful for product liability-related issues.
Food and Drug Administration
FDA news and information.
U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Recall notices and safety bulletins.
Legal Domain Network
The Legal Domain Network allows searching of a wide range of law-related mailing lists and discussion groups.
Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Law Links
This is my telecomm page which contains quite a few intellectual property law and electronic media law links.
Law Journal Extra
A mildly useful online extension of Law Journal.
Tobacco Control Archives
This is part of the collection of papers which Brown & Williamson tried to hide behind attorney-client privelege, but which managed to make their way to the University of California. These papers help support the case that the tobacco companies were aware of the addictiveness of nicotine and chemically controlled the amount in cigarettes to maintain that addiction.
Philippine Law Archives
Developed by Chan Robles & Associates, this is an extensive list of links to Philippine law.
A commercial site on Chinese law.

State Law Sites

Comprehensive site that includes key word searching.
The legislature's site including the full text of all bills as well as the Revised Statutes.
Full text of Arkansas legislation.
Full text of bills and statutes plus more.
Digests of bills and the Colorado Revised Statutes.
Connecticut General Statutes.
Full text of statutes and bills.
Full-text searching of the Georgia code, bills and resolutions.
This is a telnet service. You must login as "fyi". Full text of bills and other legislative information. The Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau has background material on pending and recently enacted legislation.
Full text of the Idaho Code and current legislation.
Full text of states and bills.
Full text of the Iowa Code and of all bills and amendments.
Full text of all bills and session laws.
Full text of Kentucky Revised Statutes and pending bills.
Privately maintained, the Maine Legislative Guide only has the full text of selected state statutes.
Tracking of legislation, but no full text of bills until some time later in 1997.
Highlights of recent legislation.
Full text of statutes and bills.
Key word searching available for the full text of statutes and bills.
The Montana Code Annotated, bills, journals and a handbook of legal materials relating to Montana's Native American tribes.
Full text of statutes and bills.
New Hampshire
Full text of bills and resolutions.
New Jersey
Statutes, bills, legislative calendar and related publications.
New Mexico
Full text of pending legislation.
New York
Statutes and bills.
North Carolina
Full text of bills.
North Dakota
Text of bills, resolutions and journals.
Unofficial site containing 1995 statutes.
Full text of statutes, pending bills and related materials.
Session laws for 1995 and 1996.
Rhode Island
Text of the 1994-96 public laws and selected bills.
South Carolina
Full text of current bills searchable by key words.
Full text of statutes, bills and legislative materials.
Full text of statutes, bills, and journals.
Full text of Code of Virginia, Virginia Administrative Code, and bills.
Key word searchable full text of statutes and bills.
Full text of statutes.
Full text of statutes and bills.
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